Theresa, Owner with her first cat

Founder and owner of Amazing Pet Care NYC , Theresa Delaney has had pets her entire life, ranging from cats to dogs to fish to hamsters to lizards to turtles and even hermit crabs. In November 2016 she lost her almost 21 year old feline (who you can see on the “home” and “contact” page of this website), whom she rescued after he was abandoned on the streets as a 1 year old. It was devastating for her, but as soon as he left her, happenstance would put two of her existing clients in her home permanently.  They are 16 year ladies who did not meld well with a baby addition to the family, but were wholeheartedly welcome into hers .  Her experience ranges from basic care (i.e. walking, playing, brushing, cleaning litter box, etc.) to special care in giving medication (insulin, oral/topical medication and subcutaneous fluids). As a woman with a special relationship with her pets, she knows how hard it can be to find a good caretaker and companion for your beloved friend. Whether it’s a daily walk for your dog(s) while you are at work or a home visit to your cat(s) when you have to leave town, rest assured with each visit Theresa and wonderful Independent Contractors will treat your pet with the same special attention she insists on her cats receiving in her absence. Amazing Pet Care NYC is insured by Pet Sitters Associates.

Independent Contractors

Sophia J. Thompson has worked with Amazing Pet Care since 2015  

Gale Grant has worked with Amazing Pet Care since 2016

Valentina has worked with Amazing Pet care since 2016. In her own words: Valentina is fluent in Russian and English.

Holly Eschweiler has worked with Amazing Pet Care since 2017

Demelza Champagne has worked with Amazing Pet Care since 2018

Feel free to ask for Independent Contractor’s  resume, references, etc.  It’s paramount you feel 100% comfortable with them caring for your furry family member.